Infurno Fury

Inferno Fury are fire elementals of the Hyperfuries.


Beings of pure fire. Created in ancient times to battle dragons in the Hoarfrost Mountains. Carry lethal flame weapons forged deep in the bowels of the Earth. Powered by hearth stones and the energy of the sun. Rarest of all Hyperfuries.


  • Fiery Blade
  • Fiery Eye
  • Fiery Mask
  • Fiery Claws
  • Fiery Spear
  • Fiery Bowgun


  • An Inferno Fury, along with Razorclaw, is a playable character in the Xevoz Showdown game.
  • Also, Hasbro talked about releasing blue versions of Inferno Fury, which resulted Cryo Katana.
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